A Visual Voice At WBEZ

As a digital producer for a radio station, it’s been a joy to bring a sense of visual fluency into a newsroom that hasn’t traditionally worked visually. I’ve worked to make sure our visual voice echoes the same approachable and knowledgeable voice we have on the radio.

I regularly make thumbnails for articles, working to ensure our work is represented well on social media and doesn’t get lost amid stock photography.

The word race surrounded by words like “schools” and “policy”
For a story about how cities can apply a racial equity lens to counter the racist effects of segregation.
A photo illustration with all candidates crunched together into a ring
This story focused on Chicago’s seemingly ever expanding pool of mayoral candidates.
A woman in front of a background of up arrows
This was one of a series of thumbnails designed for Nerdette podcast’s special “Power Up” season

This work carries through to illustrations and infographics within articles, as well as special presentations built outside of the CMS.  Here are a few examples of infographics I’ve designed and built. The first was part of WBEZ Education’s look at a generation of school closings in Chicago. We traced what happened to the first three schools closed during that era:


This graphic was part of a story that explained the dangerous partial lead service line replacement process.

Explaining the procedure

I’ve also designed logos and art for a number of WBEZ podcasts, including: Nerdette (and special season, Nerdette Power Up), The Trouble, and 16 Shots.

Nerdette’s logo is on lined paper
Nerdette logo
Nerdette’s power up logo is against a background of up arrows
Nerdette Power Up logo
A justice statue
Thumbnail design for The Trouble
16 Shots logo
16 Shots logo