Things I've made:






400 Crowdsourced Summer Recommendations

In an effort to create a more equitable “best of” list, we asked Chicagoans for their recommendations for things to do, eat, and see this summer. We edited the submissions down to 400, which we presented as a filterable list. I led the crowdsourcing effort, designed and developed the presentation, and illustrated the header.


Chicago Mayoral Election Candidate Guide

Chicago’s 2019 mayoral race had 14 candidates vying for office. We helped voters compare candidates with a candidate questionnaire designed to be utilitarian and delightful to use. After a strong and thankful response from our audience, I designed and developed a quiz that allowed users to answer our questionnaire themselves and see which candidate they aligned with most closely.


Graphics and design for WBEZ

In my time at WBEZ, I’ve worked to make our visual voice as strong as our voice on the radio. In between producing content, I’ve made an effort to update processes and tools to ensure consistency in tone across logos, thumbnails, longform reading experiences, infographics, and data visualizations.


An American Suburb

This collaboration between the Better Government Association and WBEZ marked one of the first times the two newsrooms worked together on the development, design, and digital production of a project rather than duplicating that work. The time we gained by working together allowed us to showcase photographer Sebastián Hidalgo’s photos the way they deserve to be seen.


Find your alderperson’s attendance rate

This tool allows Chicagoans to type in their address and see how many times their alderperson showed up (or didn’t) for work at City Hall. I built it using Mapbox, D3, and a data set carefully compiled by reporters at WBEZ and The Daily Line.


A candidate questionnaire with few answers

I led the design and development of  the presentation for WBEZ’s yes/no questionnaire for Illinois’ gubernatorial candidates in 2018. It was a particularly interesting challenge since only one candidate followed the questionnaire instructions completely.


How To Make A Cow Out Of Butter

I reported, illustrated, and developed the front-end presentation of this behind-the-scenes look at a state fair classic.


16 Shots Podcast

The 16 Shots podcast followed the trial of Officer Jason Van Dyke, who was ultimately convicted of second-degree murder in the killing of Laquan McDonald. I was part of the team that conceptualized this digital accompaniment which tracked the trial as it happened, offered insight into the players involved, and provided an annotated look at the dashcam video at the center of the trial. I led design and development for this project.


Life Without Tap Water

I worked with a family in Flint, Michigan to document their experience living without tap water in the beginning stages of Flint’s water crisis. The family used disposable cameras to photograph their everyday life for a week, after which I interviewed them about those images for this video.


probably: a digital library of congress shoebox

I think of this project as a digital manifestation of the boxes of photos we find in basement. The ones where we pull out photos and are only able to say “that’s probably Uncle John” or “maybe that was our neighbor back then.” But this is the Library of Congress basement. I used Python to explore the Library of Congress’ digital photo API and create a collection of images with “probably” and “maybe” in the title.